About Us

Gymnastics is one of the best individual sports to help children build self-confidence, flexibility, agility, and body control. Students can work and develop skills at their own pace in a fun and active environment. The Gymsations competitive team is part of the Cumming Recreation & Parks Department sports program. We also have a variety of other gymnastics programs which include preschool, home school, tumbling, pre-team and boys classes. Every gymnast is important to us, from the 30 min a week toddler to the 20 hour a week teenager.
Our mission is to provide gymnastics for children of ALL ages and abilities. We allow families to decide their degree of commitment. Offering a sense of community, we encourage families to get involved and participate in numerous events throughout the year.
Our coaches, parents, and athletes work together to make this one of the largest programs in the state. We are also proud of the fact that our staff includes one of the largest amount of current or former judges in the state!

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