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The Cumming Recreation and Parks Department has changed over to a new Registration Software Platform for 2013 Registration. The new registration system will provide more flexibility for our customers, including Online Registration and Credit Card Payment for activities. However, it is not possible for the new system to share the database of the registration program we have been using. So, beginning with Summer Registration, the Cumming Recreation Department will need new information for ALL CUSTOMERS, including customers who have previously been enrolled in programs.
The Online Registration Site will be available for customers to create their new account via the internet. This will allow customers to create an account before registration for the Fall Programs begins on Monday, August 26 and will allow them to avoid waiting for the data input process to be performed at that time. The URL for the Online Registration Site is You also may go to and click on the Register Online button to be taken directly to the Online Site. Please bookmark this page for future reference. Once there, simply click on Create Account and follow the instructions. An activation link will be sent to your e-mail and MUST BE CONFIRMED to finalize the creation of your account.
Registration for Fall programs will begin Monday, August 26. At that time, customers may begin registering for programs both on-line and via walk-in registration at the Cumming Recreation Department’s Main Office at 410 Pilgrim Mill Road, Cumming, GA 30040. If you plan on utilizing walk-in registration and have not already created an account on-line, please take time to completely fill out a registration form (even if you have been a customer in the past). This will expedite the data input process.
To register for programs on-line, go to the same site listed above, click on Activity Registration and Search for the program’s) you are interested in. Narrowing your Search keywords will limit the number of results. For example, if you Search for “Gymnastics”, all Gymnastics classes will be displayed; if you Search “Mini Tots”, then only the Mini Tots classes will be re- turned. Follow the instructions and prompts to complete your registration on-line from the comfort of your own home.
Unfortunately, some of the more advanced classes that carry prerequisites and require placement and/or instructor evaluation will be unavailable for on-line registration at the initial implementation of the new software. Until a database can be initiated, registration for classes such as Tumble Tigers 2 & 3, Team Tigers/Junior Team, Girls/Boys Gym 2 and higher, all Team Gym- nastics classes and all Company Dance classes will have to be performed in person at the Cumming Recreation Department Office. On-line registration for these classes should be available soon.

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